Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever General Information

Weight: 37-51 lbs

Height: 17-21 inches

Color(s): various shades of red and orange

Character: Generally a playful and hard working breed, this dog loves a job to do. Loves to play catch and will keep going for hours. This breed is very happy and good with children and other pets. Very high energy and needs sufficient exercise.

Temperament: Some say this breed has the wonderful temperament of the ever-popular Golden Retriever, but the Toller has been known to be a little wary around strangers and unfamiliar animals. However, this breed will tolerate quite a bit of child's play, and would do well with another four legged companion given they are properly socialized.

Care: The double coat on the Toller should be brushed all the way down to the undercoat to ensure a healthy and smooth coat. Dry shampooing works best on the coat of this breed, and should not be bathed regularly as this removes the oils from the skin and coat, which gives it the ability to be water resistant.

Training: Being so high energy, this breed requires fun and games, and consistent training. Varying methods of training work best with this breed to keep his attention. Does very well in retrieving and is fairly good in obedience.

Activity: Fetch is a favorite of this retrieving breed. This will keep the dog sufficiently exercised and happy. However, this dog would do best with a fenced in yard, as this dog is rambunctious and lively.